New sequential 6-speed gear set for Lamborghini Gallardo/Audi R8

PPG has developed a range of gear sets for vehicles generically known as Supercars. The philosophy behind this programme is to provide owners with an opportunity to ensure that performance is not compromised by the transmission, whether the car is used on the road or track, or is subject to an engine upgrade that - in the case of a Supercar - can represent a huge increase in power.

One of the most iconic brands in this arena is Lamborghini, with the company’s most popular and recognisable model, the Gallardo - produced from 2003 to 2013 - featuring a 5-litre V10 mid-mounted engine, coupled to a four-wheel-drive transaxle and front final-drive transmission system manufactured by Italian firm Graziano. This exact same configuration is also found in the Audi R8.

Research has found that the factory-fitted 6-speed H-pattern and Electronic-shift gearboxes are not strong enough to cope with significantly increased horsepower and torque. In response, PPG has created a high performance 6-speed sequential system that combines strength and durability with effortless and positive activation. Using a helical dog-tooth profile – unique to PPG - ensures greater efficiency and less noise than gearboxes fitted with traditional straight-cut gears.

Similar to many other gearsets and systems manufactured by PPG, this 6-speed sequential upgrade for the Gallardo and R8 is designed to directly replace the internal workings of the standard gearbox and utilises the car’s original OE casings, mountings and driveshafts. Activated by bespoke K-M-P paddle-shift system, an integrated load cell allows a flat up-shift and a throttle-blip down-shift, all of which results in lightening-fast, positive and effortless shifts every time. Like other PPG sequential systems, it also features a Gill Blade 360˚non-contact rotary gear position sensor.

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