PPG transmissions to be found in all Felino cars

Many of the factors that have brought PPG so much success in the world of professional motorsport makes is products eminently suitable for use in performance road car applications. High quality, high strength gear sets, backed up by comprehensive development programmes’ make PPG components a sound choice for OE applications.

Consequently, when Felino Cars - a new Canadian sportscar manufacturer, were researching the market to decide on its cars’ transmission configuration, PPG was number-one on the list. Felino Cars is the creation of Antoine Bessette, a Canadian with an impressive motorsport CV and a desire to build focused, fast, track-ready cars. His firm’s first car is the cB7 and it boasts all the ingredients for commercial success: unique, attractive styling, a well-honed chassis, power from a GM LS V8 and of course, a PPG equipped gearbox.

The car is constructed from composite and carbon fibre panels and weighs just 1090kgs, so ties in perfectly with PPG's own commitment to producing well-engineered, low-friction, low-mass products. Based on a TREMEC T56/TR-6060 unit, the exact specification of the PPG transmission within the cB7 has yet to be finalised, although when the car goes on sale, customers will be able to select from a 6-speed manual or a 6-speed sequential – ideal for those that feel inclined to use their car on the track – as the sequential option will benefit from one of the best commercially available motorsport-derived systems available. PPG looks forward to developing its relationship with Felino Cars as the company gears up production.

This new association means that PPG now considers the supply of its products for OE applications as an significant step in the company’s future plans as it develops and expands its offer to the road car market.

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