PPG praised by British Cross-Country Champion

Driving a Land Rover Special built by Lofthouse Motorsport and fitted with PPG’s six-speed TREMEC sequential gear system, coupled to a V8 Jaguar XKR engine developing around 450bhp, Mike Moran and co-driver Tony Coid have won the 2015 British Cross Country Championship. They wrapped up the title in September at the Bovington military ranges in Dorset, with one of the season’s six rounds still to go.

PPG has a commitment to all forms of motorsport and firmly believes that competition truly does improve the breed. This philosophy is clearly underlined by securing this year’s BCCC title. Following the event, Mike took time to share his thoughts about his car’s PPG sequential system:

“Quite simply, it’s transformed the car. We changed from the regular transmission to the PPG sequential system mid-way though 2014 and from then on we’ve never looked back. It’s improved the drivability of the car immensely: the up-shift is so fast there’s no drop in revs or loss of momentum when you’re accelerating and likewise, the speed and ease of down-shifting allows us to slow down the car so much easier, which is a huge benefit that we had never considered.

“The TREMEC gearbox is a sound unit to start with and the addition of the PPG system makes it ideal match for the car and the V8 engine. The ratios are perfectly matched to the power. We can reach 40mph in first gear, which means we can gain an advantage from the start line. Even off road, we can use all six gears - right up to the car’s top speed of 115mph. It’s even got a usable reverse gear, which is normally “unheard of when it comes to sequential systems.

All I can say is that, if I had known about the PPG system sooner, then we would have fitted it straight away. I can’t speak highly enough about it.”

Praise indeed from the three-times British Cross Country Champion.

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